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Am I

Talia Paz and Michael Getman (Israel)

15, 16 August

6:30 pm 

New stage of Alexandrinsky theatre / Rehearsal stage

supported by the Consulate General of Israel in St. Petersburg

A personal creation for the Dancer Talia Paz. The dance movements are all part of Talia Paz’s personal movement material she embodied and performed in the last 20 years. Various forms of expression stretched from Ohad Naharin to Matz Ek’s significant style, from Stijn Celis to Sharon Eyal’s extreme body language, are being re-visited and examined by Talia Paz. Deconstructing the text of the famous tune from the chorus line ‘Let Me Dance For You‘ into fragments of words and breathes, allows Talia to reformulate her artistic presence and skills. Straddling the line between personal physicality to spoken text and the uncertain relations evolving on stage between these, triggers Talia Paz to challenge her current physical and emotional state. A paradoxical landscape is created, shifting between the tragic and the comic, between the gaze and the hearing, between the said and the done and between the body’s desire to master the craft and to lose power and form.

Michael Getman is a choreographer and performer, currently based in Tel Aviv. Having diverse professional education, Michael is interested in understanding and examining the relationship between our corporal body, it’s conceptual thought, us, and the reality which surrounds us. From action to movement, technique to freedom, translation, imagination, sound, voice, language, different forms of expression, different patterns of thought, behavioural representations in various cultural contexts.


Talia Paz was born in New-York and trained in Israel and the Netherlands. She danced with Batsheva Dance Company (3 years), Scapino Ballet (2 years), Cullberg Ballet (12 years) and DV8 (The Cost of Living 2003 European Tour). Her diverse repertoire includes works of Choreographers Ohad Naharin, Sharon Eyal, Carolyn Carlson, Mats Ek, Lloyd Newson, Nils Christe, Johan Inger, Jiri Kylian, Itzik Galili, Nigel Charnock, Michael Getman, Stijn Celis and others.


Concept: Michael Getman // Talia Paz

Performance: Talia Paz

Sound: Michael Getman

Original Light: Tobias Hallgren // Tamar Or

Special Thanks to Charlotta Ofverholm

The creation enjoyed the support of the Israel Lottery Council For Culture & Arts.