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Inappropriate Man

Ksenia Mickheeva Project (Russia) 

14 August 


10.30 pm 

Sevkabel Port 

supported by Theatre Union of the Russian Federation (STD), The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, magazine Project Baltia and Sevkabel Port 

The latest work of Ksenia Mickheeva is a reinterpretation of Chekhov’s play ‘Uncle Vanya’ into a movement language. Seven soloists create a story about fragility, everlasting cheerless rushes of soul, and hope as a core that makes it possible to keep living.

“To me, the most important issue in this piece are broken lives of disoriented people. Their lighthouse is broken, they are staying in aquarium and drinking tea while their lives are coming to ruin but there is always an opportunity to find some light in this seeming to be impenetrable darkness.”

Ksenia Mickheeva, the choreographer


Ksenia Mickheeva Project is the collaboration of dancers under the artistic direction of choreographer Ksenia Mickheeva, based in St.Petersburg. Ksenia is the regular nominee of the National Theater Award ‘Golden Mask’ and her productions present St.Petersburg dance scene at the various festivals on the national and international levels and are performed at the main theatre venues of the city. 

Choreography / Concept and set design: Ksenia Mickheeva.

Composer: Daniil Posazhennikov.

The musicians participating in the recording - “Geometry of Sound” project:

Anna Dobretsova (harp),

Miroslava Tyrina (domra / mandolin),

Julia Popova (piano),

Kirill Kravtsov (violin), 

Mikhail Feyman (violin),

Andrey Usov (viola),

Alexander Lunegov (cello).



Alexandra Mikhlin (sound engineer),

Ilya Karpova (sound engineer), 

Lighting Designer - Vadim Brodsky, 

Costume Designer - Kristina Bondarik, 

Dancers - Nikita Markelov, Stanislav Ponomarev, Yaroslav Didin, Anna Shuldyakova, Olga Sayapina. 

Artistic adviser - Boyarchikov Nikolay Nikolaevich.

The performance was created with the support of Dance House 'Kannon Dance' and the Contemporary dance space ESCABO