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Yui Kawaguchi &

Yoshimasa Ishibashi (Germany/Japan)

supported by Goethe Institute in St.Petersburg LOGO

and Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe

13 August, 

5 pm, 8.30 pm  


14 August, 

5 pm, 7.30, 9.30 pm  

New stage of Alexandrinsky theatre / Blackbox

The word combines ‘Matcha’, the ‘tea’ which is served during the Japanese tea ceremony, and ‘Atria’, the anatomical term for the auricle, the heart’s atrium. 


MatchAtria is a multimedia dance installation, which invites the audience into a unique and intimate contact with ‘the heart’. In collaboration with internationally renowned Kyoto-based visual artist and film director Yoshimasa Ishibashi, the Japanese dancer Yui Kawaguchi has designed a ‘heart-ceremony’, that welcomes its visitors heartily, in every sense of the word. The disciplined body of the dancer meets 3D video projections, sound and voice landscapes, through a specially developed ‘Heartbeat Unit’.This tool emits the vibrations of Yui Kawagushi’s heartbeat live, so the audience is physically connected to the dancer. Seeing, hearing, and touching, we experience the vibrant worlds contained in our bodies.

Yui Kawaguchi – Dancer, Choreographer


Yui studied Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop and contemporary dance. She worked as a choreographer and

performer with the “media drive unit 66b/cell”;. Together with this multimedia performance group, invited at ARS Electronica (Linz), Japan Virtual Reality Conference. Since 2005 she works in Berlin. Her pieces have featured at international festivals. The magazine “tanz” considers her “as one of the best dances of the German capital”. She is also engaged in research projects with a sociologist and a cognitive scientist.


Yoshimasa Ishibashi - Film director, Visual artist


Studied Visual Art at the Kyoto City University of Arts and The Royal College of Art (RCA) in UK. In 1996 he founded the visual performance unit Kyupi Kyupi, and was invited to perform at Palais de Tokyo (Paris) and Tate Modern (London) in 2003. Ishibashi also creates many TV shows and films. His latest feature “Milocrorze” won many awards at various film festivals all over the world “One of the best is Ishibashi’s film, a wacked-out fantasy that recalls early Tim Burton one moment, late Quentin Tarantino the next...” New York Times

Concept / Dance / Text / Sound Yui Kawaguchi 

Сoncept / Visual / Music Yoshimasa Ishibashi (Ishibashi Production) 

Stereoscopic 3D-CG Masahiro Teraoka (Galaxy of Terror) 

Video technic Ichiro Awazu / Henne Fritze 

Light & technic Fabian Bleisch 

Costume Saša Kovačević (SADAK) 

Heartbeat perception unit Hideyuki Ando (Osaka Univ.) 

Tactile score Rieko Suzuki (Facetherapie Co.Ltd), Yasuhiro Suzuki, ph.D. (Nagoya Univ.) 

Supervisor heartbeat measuring & tactile design Junji Watanabe  (NTT Communication Science Laboratories)

Production Satoko Suchi (JP) Ilja Fontaine (EU) 

Further collaborators: JIRO (Set design), Aki Funabiki (Visual Design), Tetsujiro Suita & Akira Nihei (Sound) 

Produced by Yui Kawaguchi and Yoshimasa Ishibashi in coproduction with Blueproject Barcelona, FFT Düsseldorf, MA scène nationale – Pays de Montbéliard and Sophiensaele.


Funded by the Governing Mayor of Berlin – Senate Chancellery – Cultural Affairs. Friendly supported by Sennheiser, Beamaround, Dock11 Berlin and Coolike. A cooperation with Nico and the Navigators. 

Funded by Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe