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Modern Table (Korea)

17 August  

8 pm


New stage of Alexandrinsky theatre / Main stage 

"Playing music in your eyes, dancing in your ears."


Every moment, we make interpretations of various motions and translate (or mistranslate) meanings of the words. Here is one possible reason: VELOCITY. People fear velocity when it’s fast, get bored when it’s at a normal status, and are complacent when it’s slow—we are going to express three different possibilities of ‘velocity’; with our movements.

Modern Table, led by choreographer KIM Jae-duk, is the contemporary dance company which communicates with the audience through intuitive movements and gives a syn-aesthetic imagery and a fresh impression. Based on contemporary dance, Modern Table mixes up the stage musical, Pan-sori, rock and hip-hop performances that transgress borders between genres. 

Choreographer : Jaeduk Kim 

Cast : Jaeduk Kim

Jungin Lee

Laehyuk Kim 

Ungi Lee

Taejun Han 

Hansol Kum

Namhoon Kim

Hyoshin Kim


Singer : Seungjoon Jeong

Musician : Donghoon Kim, Soli Kim


Light design : Janghan Lee

Sound director : Seongeun Heo

Costume design : Insook Choi


Producer : Mijin Lee


Choreography: KIM Jae-duk

Duration: 90 min