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Stage ON

Valeria Kasparova project (Russia)

12 August 8 pm 

13 August  9.30 pm 


New stage of Alexandrinsky theatre / Rehearsal stage 

supported by Dance House “Kannon Dance”

Stage ON is an experimental performance that is completely uncharacteristic choreographer Valeria Kasparova. The world of contemporary art  often overloads the viewer with its conceptualism.  But sometimes you just want to enjoy good music, choreography and dancers on stage.

This is what the new work is dedicated to: seizing the moment, here and now, and enjoying what is happening in REAL time. In other words, to be YOURSELF even on stage. And also, to share with the audience the sensations of the production process, which is always hidden behind the scenes, so that they could feel themselves a part of this little life on stage.


11 dancers, the music by the legendary Liverpool quartet and bright positive emotions - all this is there in the performance, where the STAGE will be turned ON.

Performers: Arthur Galimullin, Alexander Ivanovsky, Grigory Makeev, Evgenia Saburova, Ekaterina Ivonina, Daria Nikanorova, Elizaveta Rotacheva, Maria Kolesnik, Adelina Alchinova, Ekaterina Merkulova, Plastun Daria

Choreographer: Valeria Kasparova
Light: Igor Fomin
Music: The Beatles