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Video dance installation

in Virtual Reality

supported by Goethe Institute in St.Petersburg LOGO

and Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe

12 - 17 August, daily 

 2 pm - 10 pm (every 10 minutes) 

New stage of Alexandrinsky theatre / Lobby 


A creation by Fabien Prioville (Germany) in collaboration with Kannon Dance House 


Concept / Choreography

Fabien Prioville


Management fabien prioville dance company

Alexandra Schmidt


Rehearsal Director

Valeria Kasparova



Artur Galimullin

Yevgeniya Saburova

Anastasia Bernadskaya

Alexandra Yurgens

Sofia Oding

Elena Fotova

Nika Kalinina

Elizaveta Rotachyova



Bell Orchestre


Video Editing

Matyurin Gleb

Leontiev Anton 

Trip VR company 

It is with great honor that I will be presenting my work for the Open Look International Dance Festival 2019. Since I have arrived, I have had the pleasure to work with great artists forging, for decades to come, the landscape of contemporary dance in St Petersburg as well as in Russia.


The collaboration with the dancers from the Dance House ‘Kannon Dance’ has awoken a unique project of dance meeting high-end technology. The creation time was a fantastic experience in all aspects. These great human beings have given everything, and pushed their limits to give you the best experience possible, and I can’t wait to share it with you all.


The second collaboration with the wonderful and renowned artist Nina Zmievest has pushed even further the exploration of virtual spaces and body installation. A confine human experience based on trust, allowed the process to express a speechless dialogue of imagery and sounds, ready to touch you in ways you cannot imagine.


Both of these projects were created here in St Petersburg and were only made possible by the vision of Vadim Kasparov. His knowledgeable mind is one hundred percent dedicated to challenge and surprise the audience by inviting versatile mind blowing works. The festival and the crew have also made sure to surrender the artists with great generosity and warm-hearted respect, and this experience will remain one of a kind. There is nothing virtual about how all of this has made me feel.


From the bottom of my heart, Thank you


fabien prioville dance company is based in Düsseldorf, Germany. Since 2009, he has been working with the tanzhaus nrw in Düsseldorf on creations that meet the performing arts and new multimedia technologies. The works have been performed on various continents and festivals such as Tanzplatfform Nürnberg, Yokohama Katt Theater (Japan), Dance, Dance Asian (Japan), Festival Temps d’Images (France, Germany, Hungary), Festival Quartier Danse Montreal (Canada), Festival Automne en Normandie (France), Attakkalari Dance Biennale (India), Juli Dans (Amsterdam) among others.